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Body Language

It's really interesting that Alura is doing something to help its clients with a foreign language.

I just think I'm not feeling so happy about the English interview you guys showed us once I don't feel the candidate is properly acting. I mean the body language... Isn't it important? The candidate seems uncomfortable.

I also think the candidate should ask questions about the company, team, methodologies to show more interested and willing to make it happen.

Do you know what I mean?

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Hello Esequiel!

Thank you for the compliments, we are very grateful!

Body language is very important, for sure, and many times the interviewer is paying attention to it. But they are also aware that people might get a little nervous during an interview in a foreign language, which is very different from the day-to-day interaction with a team, so they will value your effort more than your fidgeting.

Your comment about the questions asked is point on! In every interview you should show interest in the company, on how it works and how the team interacts. That's not limited to foreign language interviews and you should do that during local interviews as well, since it builds trust towards the interviewers.

My guess is that these details are probably covered in other courses, but it's good that you called our attention. I will let the team know about this issue so they can make the decision to act on it.

Again, thank you very much! I wish you the best effort and lots of interviews for you!

My best regards, Marco

Thanks Marco!